Janitorial and Non-Technical Contract Reviews

Janitorial and Non-Technical Contract services are prime expense categories for hidden overcharges.

Supplemental and additional cleaning charges hold many areas for overcharge, whether in captured and/or related party vendor requirements, redundant scopes of service, or simply unperformed or unrequired services. Janitorial and Non-Technical Contract Reviews are comprehensive inquiries targeting these specific expenses.

Such operational reviews may include examining floor plans of the premises, Base Building Cleaning and Lease Janitorial Specifications, service contracts for Additional Janitorial and Associated Services including pricing and service specifications, vendor invoicing and all relevant correspondence between the occupant and the associated vendor(s). These reviews can evaluate service performance levels and associated pricing and may provide recommendations on how to make cost effective program improvements with the goal of maintaining and/or improving service quality levels.

On prequalified locations such reviews often have the potential to generate significant savings on existing additional janitorial services expenses.

Savings Examples

  • Business Communications | Benefit: $105,000 in Refunds and $96,000/year in recurrent savings
  • Law Firm | Benefit: $165,000 in Refunds and $108,000/year in recurrent savings
  • Governmental Authority | Benefit: $360,000/year in recurrent savings