Why Audit Your Lease

A Comprehensive Lease Audit Can Fix Costly Billing Discrepancies.

Are Your Leases Good Candidates? Any company that leases office, retail or industrial space is a candidate to receive a financial benefit from a deep dive review of its lease expenses. Some of the most complicated lease provisions address how a building’s many operating expenses are passed through to a tenant. Due to the complexity of these operating cost escalation provisions, billing methodology and accounting errors are extremely common. The effects of these errors can cause unexpected cost increases and significantly disrupt budgets and forecast variances.

Space is Expensive. Lower Your Occupancy Costs and Control Spend.

The Majority of Commercial Leases Will Be Misbilled Sometime Over Their Terms. Pay only for what you negotiated … and no more. Your company may be losing a material amount of its annual spend through lease-related overcharges or general non-compliance with your unique lease terms. Billing mistakes in rent and/or additional expense provisions are costly and unnecessary.