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Renewals in the “New Normal”?

For most companies, looking to lease additional space has come to a screeching halt. But what about renewing your space? Renewals mean something very different now than they did prior […]

I Love My Landlord and They Are Always Helpful!

“Anytime I have a question, my landlord answers right away and supplies documentation.” It is great to have a responsive landlord…however; are you asking your landlord for the correct materials? […]

With Ever-Changing Requirements and Mandates…Is Your Landlord Billing You Correctly?

CTS auditors take a deeper dive to ensure landlord billings are in compliance with your specific lease terms. Our reviews are truly comprehensive and include Operating Expenses / Additional Rent, […]

Case Studies

Global Telecom Company – Parking Deck Issue The client is a global telecommunications company occupying roughly 273,000 square feet in a major metropolitan city. Audit Findings/Non-Compliance Issues CTS noted that […]

Oops! Billing Mistakes Cause Unexpected Increases in Occupancy Costs

Be Prepared: Landlord Annual OPEX Reconciliation Statements Are Coming! 5 Common Areas to Explore for Billing Errors & Overcharges Ownership Expenses Generally speaking, all operating expenses passed-through by the landlord […]

6 Really Good Reasons to Conduct a Financial / Operational Audit of Your Janitorial Program

In addition to a comprehensive Lease Compliance Audit, whether you are a net lease tenant responsible for vendor selection and procurement of janitorial services or a modified gross lease tenant […]

Anthony Collura Joins the CTS Team

NEW YORK, NEW YORK November 12, 2012 Commercial Tenant Services, Inc. (CTS) is pleased to announce that Tony Collura has joined CTS as a senior member of our Lease Audit […]

Electricity And Utility Expense Pass-Throughs Are Common Hiding Places For Overcharges

With rising electric use and escalating electric costs, many corporate tenants struggle to maintain profit margins, significant expense reduction opportunities may lie in a closer examination of utility costs. Many […]

CTS Lease Audit Services Celebrates 25 Years of Helping Corporate Tenants Recover Millions in Rent Overcharges

Especially in today’s economically challenging times, corporate and commercial tenants focus on the financial impact of operating expense provisions in their leases. As a result the nation’s leading firms utilize […]

Audit Clause Pitfalls

Guest Article by Walt Batansky of PointLine, Inc., Tampa, FLAlliance of Tenant RepresentativesFriday, February 10, 2012 Imagine that you purchased $10,000 worth of product from one of your suppliers. When […]