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Who We Are

CTS is the Market Leader in Lease Audit Services.

CTS Has Reviewed Over One Billion Square Feet of Leased Space and Created Over One Billion Dollars in Lease Audit Value to Our Clients.

CTS is a founding firm in the third-party lease audit services market. Our audit teams have practical expertise in building management, building operating systems, forensic accounting, commercial real estate legal principals, lease and clause nuance, landlord billing structures and methodologies, and utility audits. A lack of expertise in any one of these disciplines will likely result in an incomplete lease audit and can leave money on the table.  

CTS auditors average over thirty (30) years of experience making CTS the most experienced group of professionals in the market. CTS does not use staff or pool accountants supporting a figurehead – every audit is performed by an experienced expert.

CTS is a Conflict Free Services Provider. Accounting and ‘Full-Service’ real estate firms generate the vast majority of their revenue from landlords and inherently desire long term and close relationships with property owners. We have absolutely no financial ties to landlords and have no conflicts of interest when it comes to representing our clients’ interests.